Everyone starts from a different place.

Your dreams and ambitions are unique. Let’s work together to create a pathway to your goals. Here are a few ways you can work with me, or contact me and tell me specifically what kind of help you’re seeking.


“I came in with an idea/storyline I’ve had for eight years and have only succeeded in overwhelming myself and getting bogged down in fear, negative self-talk and confusion with frustration. I now am crystal clear on what I want to do, what I need to do and I have a plan now. Rebecca was informative, interesting, to the point, and FUN! She gave me the confidence to be creative and enjoy the process.”
Sandy Smedstad, CMT


Do you have a book idea that you love but no idea how to start working on it?

In just 90 minutes I’ll show you how to take your idea and turn it into a fun, unforgettable book for young readers. You’ll come away with a blueprint for creating your book, and then all you’ll need to do is follow your plan, step by step. A Consultation includes:

  • Exploration and development of your overall story idea or concept
  • Creation of an easy-to-follow action plan for you to write, publish and sell your book
  • Recommendations for the best publishing and marketing options for your book



Have you already written your book and find yourself wondering, “Now what? Is this good…I think it’s good…I don’t know…should I try to have it published?”

An assessment is just what you need. Feedback from someone with years of experience in the book business will get you closer to becoming a published author, much faster than working alone. An Assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of your overall story idea or concept
  • Discussion about your manuscript’s strengths and challenges, along with suggestions for improvement
  • Recommendations for the best publishing and marketing options for your book

“I can’t express how much I appreciated the time you took to assist me in the next step in making a dream come true. You also woke me up to many more wonderful things that can be created—my wheels are turning after years of rust. You are very dear. What a wonderful creative guide you have been through this overwhelming process!”
Judy Salinsky, Artist

“Rebecca’s advice was instrumental in helping me structure, follow through, and finish my book. She kept the text focused on my target audience, and her editing skills brought out the best in my writing.”
Jessica Shaham, author

Coaching / Book Development

Working one-on-one with a writing coach and developmental editor can bring out a high level of energy and motivation for you to finish your book—far faster than working alone. How nice would it be to have an expert there by your side, ready to tackle all the tough issues, saving you countless hours in time, energy and frustration as you work through your book?

How it works: We schedule a series of sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly. Just email me your pages a few days before each scheduled session. (Most clients send one or two chapters per week, although that’s not a rule or requirement—feel free to send more!) I read, review, prepare editorial feedback, and then we get together for a phone session and work through it all to drive you through to the next level.



One of the best investments a successful business owner can possibly make. Collaborate with a professional writer to plan, outline, draft and complete your book, resulting in the best possible representation of you, your business, your ideas, insights, and life lessons. I’ve devoted my life to books; you’ve devoted your life to your field of service. Let’s join forces to create a masterpiece!

Call or email for more details and pricing.