My job is to help you find your story and write an unforgettable book.

I live for that moment when the light goes on in your eyes, everything suddenly clicks, and your story becomes clear.

It all begins with ABC—Art, Business and Craft—and I can show you how to balance them to create a compelling, fun page-turner that will enthrall young readers and enrich their lives.


Rebecca L. McCarthy

After graduating from Northwestern with a BS in Theater, I hooked up with a national children’s theater company and toured the country. I had a blast, but ultimately found myself craving more stability, so I looked into other career options to see if one would “stick.”
I bartended, waitressed, proofread, administratively assisted, editorially assisted, and even became an aerobics instructor just to pay the bills. The lack of soul and purpose in my workdays eventually drove me to apply to graduate school for writing at the New School University in New York.


The teacher asked us to introduce ourselves as writers. I clutched my binder as the other students talked about their articles, novels, contests they had won, etc. I muttered that I hadn’t done any professional writing, but I liked it and thought it would be fun.“Ha!” the teacher scoffed. “Real writing is not fun—it’s agonizing. No one actually likes it.” She gave a 20-minute lecture about craft and smacked me down so hard I felt paralyzed in my chair. “This is a serious program,” she said. “If you’re writing for therapy, you’re in the wrong place!”

I don’t know why, but I stayed put. My fight-or-flight instinct told me to run, but my tenacity compelled me to stay. I just kept telling myself, “I have a right to be here. I have permission to dream.”


Today, I’ve published more than forty books, and some have even sold over a million copies. Within a week of earning my MFA, I had a contract with Penguin.

I work for Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Scholastic Inc., Cider Mill Press and Running Press. I’m a Price, Stern and Sloan approved ghostwriter for the Mad Libs series, and have worked with licensors such as DreamWorks, Disney, Paramount, Nick Jr. and Twentieth Century Fox.
I went on to earn a screenwriting certificate from New School University and a Legal Proofreading certificate from Moritz Legal Proofing in New York. I provide ongoing editorial services for Vistage International Inc. and the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. I’ve worked as an assistant editor for the senior marketing director of Woman’s Day magazine, and for the midwest ad sales manager for Condé Nast.

I am also pleased to report that it is, in fact, FUN!


I’ll share the same system that I use so that
you can achieve your writing goals, too.

Your dream is worthy. Your story matters.